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Adenoids play a significant role in aiding the immune system, helping to remove viruses and bacteria that can enter the body through the nose or mouth. There are times, however, where they can become infected and cause serious problems. McKinney ENT experts have a great deal of experience in treating adenoid issues and know how to suggest the best treatment options.

Common Problems Affecting the Adenoids

There are two common problems that can affect the adenoids; nose and throat infections and enlargement of the adenoids. The latter can lead to sleep disorders and nasal obstruction that can make it difficult to swallow and breathe.

If you experience these symptoms, visit McKinney ENT Clinic so we can perform a thorough examination. We will ask about your medical history and more than likely take a throat culture in order to determine whether an infection has occurred, and if so, how severe it may be. There is also a chance we will take x-rays and also perform a blood test.

Treatment for Problems Affecting the Adenoids

In most instances, we will first try using antibiotics to treat an infection of the adenoids. However, if that method proves ineffective, then we may recommend an adenoidectomy, or the removal of the adenoids. Whatever the approach, treatment is vital to reduce the chances of chronic infections occurring, which can lead to ear infections and even a temporary hearing loss.

Contact Us About Adenoids

McKinney ENT Clinic has the expertise and knowledge needed to effectively treat problems with the adenoids. Call our Plano or Frisco clinic at (214) 383-5955 for an appointment.