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ENT doctors treat conditions and disorders of the head and neck, more specifically the ear, nose, and throat region. Otolaryngologists can help manage and treat conditions and disorders as minor as swimmer’s ear or as serious as throat cancer. If you have an issue related to the ears, nose, or throat, you should see an ENT specialist.

What Conditions Can an ENT Doctor Treat?

Conditions of the Ear

Some symptoms of ear disorders and conditions treated by ENT specialists include hearing impairment, tinnitus, ear infections, and pain. If an individual experiences issues with balance, the root cause may be related to the ear. Not only can ENT specialists help treat disorders patients have developed throughout their lifetime, but they can also treat congenital disorders. Common ear disorders and conditions treated include:

  • Swimmer’s ear – Infection of the skin on the outer ear caused by excessive exposure to water.
  • Meniere’s disease – Caused by an imbalance of fluids within the inner ear. Symptoms of this disease include dizziness and tinnitus.
  • Barotrauma – Caused by injury to the ear after sudden changes in air or water pressure.
  • Tinnitus – A roaring noise in the inner ear. Often caused by medicine and loud noises.

Conditions of the Nose

ENT doctors manage and treat issues that impact the nose, the sinuses, and the nasal cavity. Symptoms of disorders and conditions related to the nose can affect breathing, smell, and even physical appearance. Some of the common nose disorders and conditions treated include:

  • Sinus infections – Also referred to as sinusitis.
  • Nose bleeds – Bleeding from the nose caused by broken small blood vessels.
  • Rhinitis – Inflammation of the sinuses and nose.
  • Nasal fractures – Also referred to as a broken nose.

Conditions of the Throat

ENT specialists treat throat disorders and conditions that impact speech, swallowing, eating, digestion, and even singing. Some examples of these disorders and conditions include:

  • Tonsillitis – An infection of the tonsils.
  • Throat cancer – The uncontrollable growth of malignant cells in the throat.
  • Croup – Inflammation in the throat that causes a severe cough.

For more information about the conditions and disorders treated by ENT doctors, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling McKinney ENT at (214) 383-5955in Plano or in Frisco.