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Deviated Septum

A deviated septum can be an extremely serious problem, resulting in nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, pain, nosebleeds and many other complications. At McKinney ENT Clinic, experienced medical professionals are ready to help patients get their symptoms under control so they can live life free of these frustrating issues.

What is a Deviated Septum?

Your nasal septum is the structure inside of your nose that divides your nasal cavity in two. Normally, the wall, which is comprised of bone and cartilage, will separate the cavity in two passageways of equal size. People who have a deviated septum have a wall that is off-center in one direction or the other. While this issue is not at all uncommon, if it is severe enough it can block one or both nostrils.

Diagnosing a Deviated Septum

At McKinney ENT Clinic, we will thoroughly review your medical history and then perform a physical examination in order to tell exactly how troublesome your deviated system may be. We will discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and then provide details on all of your treatment options.

Treating a Deviated Septum

If you are suffering from sinusitis, nasal obstruction or any other significant complication due to a deviated septum, there are both non-surgical and surgical treatment options. You may be prescribed a nasal steroid spray in order to help with any breathing problems you are experiencing. However, if medications prove unsuccessful in correcting your issue, then a surgical procedure may be recommended. In many instances, patients are able to return home the day they have surgery and then fully recover after about a month.

Contact Us About Deviated Septum Treatment

If you or someone close to you has a deviated septum that is resulting in serious complications, please schedule an appointment with McKinney ENT Clinic.Call our Plano or Frisco clinic at (214) 383-5955 for an appointment.

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