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For many people in McKinney, snoring has caused significant problems – not only with their spouses or significant others, but also with their health. Snoring can lead to serious complications, such as increasing the risk of stroke. People suffering this problem need to speak with McKinney ENT Clinic as soon as possible so the right course of treatment can be determined.

Treatments for Snoring in McKinney

If you snore, there are several ways that McKinney ENT Clinic can help. One option may be a form of therapy known as the Pillar procedure, where implants are placed under your soft palate. This is typically an in-office procedure that only requires a local anesthetic. Implants are designed to stiffen the palate, thus reducing the occurrence of vibrations and flutter that often contribute to snoring in McKinney. You will experience minimal discomfort, a quick recovery and potentially enjoy long-term benefits.

Another method to stop your snoring in McKinney involves injection of a chemical into your soft palate. Again, the goal is to stiffen the palate and reduce vibrations. You may also be a candidate for radio frequency treatment. Other treatment options may include oral appliances, positional therapy, nasal steroid sprays or allergy management.

There are times, however, where the best way to treat someone for snoring is through a surgical procedure. This could involve removing enlarged tonsils and adenoids, which often contribute to the problem. Nasal surgery may be needed if chronic congestion leads to snoring.

Contact Us About Snoring in McKinney

Please do not let snoring in McKinney continue to be a problem that not only affects your relationships with your loved ones, but could also pose a threat to your health. Get in touch with McKinney ENT Clinic so we can put together a plan that will eliminate this problem once and for all. Call our Plano or Frisco clinic at (214) 383-5955 for an appointment.