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Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear can be caused by an infection, irritation or inflammation. It typically occurs due to water being trapped in the ear that leads to the spread of bacteria or fungal organisms. At McKinney ENT Clinic, we offer effective treatment options to eliminate swimmer’s ear.

Causes of Swimmer’s Ear in McKinney

Although swimmer’s ear in McKinney is typically associated with swimming, of course, it can occur whenever moisture¬†gets trapped in the ear canal, whether from swimming, showering or even taking a bath. It can also affect people who have eczema or those who have too much earwax. When moisture accumulates in your ear, bacteria can rapidly multiply and lead to a painful infection.

There are other reasons that swimmer’s ear can occur as well. For instance, if you clean your ear canal excessively or you come into contact with certain types of hair dye or hair spray, you may be susceptible to developing the condition. Any kind of cut on the skin in your ear canal can also cause the problem.

Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear in McKinney

If you have the sensation that your ear is full or clogged, you have decreased hearing, you experience intense pain in the neck or side of the head or you have drainage, you need to be checked for swimmer’s ear as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in several serious complications, such as cartilage and bone damage, chronic ear infections and hearing loss.

At McKinney ENT Clinic, we can provide you with many different treatment options. One of the most common treatments is ear drops to inhibit fungal or bacterial growth, and also to lessen inflammation. We may recommend the application of antibiotics directly to the ear if your infection is severe.

Contact Us About Swimmer’s Ear in McKinney

Contact McKinney ENT Clinic and we will determine the best, most effective treatment plan for swimmer’s ear in McKinney. Call our Plano or Frisco clinic at (214) 383-5955 for an appointment.